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How to balance increased production

What is the easiest and cheapest way to keep plant running during periods of high demand?

In a recent Q&A with a Metso panel of experts, published in the Bulk Handling Review Vol 23, Issue 6 - the respondent stated that the main challenge their mining clients face is "how to balance the increased production needed to meet a rising demand for metals, with the face that ore grades around the world continue to fall".

Though there are many possible solutions, one of the cheapest and easiest with the best 'bang for buck' is condition monitoring. And not periodic either - increasing up-time of critical equipment should be done with a more detailed 24/7 monitoring system.

The Wi-care™ system provides Vibration Analysts the ability to remotely monitor, trend and set alert thresholds for mills so you can have absolute confidence in achieving more from your assets without the fear of catastrophic downtime. 


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