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Intrinsically Safe TRIAX Install

A Nickel Processing Plant in Western Australia has recently commenced a pilot of 10 Triaxial Wi-care™ sensors, requiring an intrinsically safe installation.

To closely monitor problem equipment, and equipment in difficult to access locations spread out across a 380km2 facility, three ATEX/IECex DC powered extenders were deployed along with a 1.5m TP-Link Gateway antenna extender and ten ATEX/IECex certified Triaxial Wi-care™ sensors.

Global Reliability, I-care and the customer's Reliability Engineering division worked together as a team to complete the installation. The system was commissioned and data obtained within 4 hours – a task made easy with wireless.

Whilst on-site, we also provided training to the Vibration Analyst on-site for using the online cloud-based software platform, I-see.

The customer also required the ability to monitor slow rotating equipment. To achieve this, enhancement of both firmware and software of the Wi-care™ system was deployed. In just 3 months from request, a powerful method of selective decimation was successfully implemented. 

The system can monitor equipment rotating at speeds >5RPM, providing invaluable advanced notification of bearing defect using sonic and supersonic frequencies, and the ability to monitor reciprocating equipment.

We continue to work together with the customer to enhance the system and user experience.

A key advantage of an online software platform is that new updates and additions are provided to all customer sites.






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