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Solving difficult condition monitoring challenges

At Global Reliability, we solve difficult challenges to implement maintenance prediction technology for rotating equipment located in remote, hazardous or confined space locations. 

Our team consults with reliability engineers, superintendents and maintenance managers on how they can improve the monitoring of their equipment beyond their current 4-20mA sensors and/or outsourced periodic vibration analysis.

The two most common problems with this arrangement are either that the overall vibration/temperature sensors with 4-20mA output to PLC and SCADA/DCS system provide failure notification too close to functional failure, or that their equipment fails in between vibration analysis visits.

To further compound these problems, many sites have equipment with rotating parts located in confined or hazardous space locations, making it either very difficult and costly to monitor, or quite dangerous.

To solve these challenges, we are now using new methods of using standard Industrial ICP® Accelerometers. Now, there are virtually no equipment condition monitoring problems we cannot solve, regardless of hazardous zones, submersed applications, size of the site, rotating speed or size of the bearing – we can use any common wired accelerometer and provide it as a wireless solution.

No on-site vibration analysts? We can solve that too, with our network of over 80 highly experienced Cat 3 Vibration Analysts and Reliability Engineers worldwide.

If you have spares with long lead-times, costly downtime, high labour cost and/or potential environmental or work safety risk, get in touch with us to discuss our solutions further.

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