Mill Discharge Lubrication Issue

Bureau Veritas is a world leader in testing, inspection and certification services.

Global Pumps provided a trial remote condition monitoring system for the Bureau Veritas Minerals geoanalytical laboratory in Adelaide, to assist in ensuring the success of a critical project involving testing and analysis of mineral resources for a mining company. The project ran for 6 weeks with two rotating 12 hour shifts.

 The Issue

On 27 June 2017 the mill and mill discharge pump began to experience a fault. This was immediately detected by the attached sensor which generated a vibration alert in the condition monitoring system. The alert was sent by email to Global Pumps.

 Alerts and Notifications

The email was immediately followed up by a phone call from John at Global Pumps with warning of the vibration alert to David Millan at Bureau Veritas. While the pump was being inspected, John called again warning of a high temperature alert on the pump.

 Immediate Actions

After the second phone call from John, the pump was immediately inspected which revealed that it was running hot. Action was taken to grease the pump bearings and the temperature immediately decreased, The pump casing was then monitored throughout the day with no further problems.

 Preventative actions

The condition monitoring sensor on the mill discharge pump worked perfectly and the initial alerts were followed up by the supplier with phone calls to warn of impending trouble. Previously this event would have gone unnoticed and the pump would run to failure. This would result in ceased operations, with high cost of downtime and associated labour and repair costs, and the project would have halted completely.


“The Global conditioning monitoring solution enabled us to avoid a critical equipment failure that would have caused a total shutdown in our operations.”

David Millin
Project Supervisor – Integrated Pilot Plant, Bureau Veritas Australia Pty Ltd

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