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Wired solutions integrated into your existing systems


Wired solutions provide cost-effective site-wide condition monitoring requirements of critical equipment.

We provide a wide range of sensors for monitoring pressure, speed, vacuum, flow, level, temperature and condition monitoring.

For equipment that is not critical, Ethernet to wireless outputs can be included to convert wired junction box to PLC/SCADA into a wireless connection.


A simple, easy-to- use cloud-based asset condition visibility software, when incorporated with PLCs, provides a highly cost-effective, scalable condition monitoring system.

The software is easy to install, and includes 4-20mA output sensor data, FFT and time waveform data refreshed every 0.8s.


Monitor overall vibration simultaneous to receiving alerts and monitoring equipment health based on specific failure modes.

Switch to our system by including your existing ICP accelerometers into our network to save on annual software licence fees and reduce operator frustration.

Choose from our easy-to- use and affordable locally installed solution or cloud-based platform that is compatible with SAP.



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