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Chemically operated, single point, automatic lubricators

Automatic Lubricators

Under lubrication or over lubrication of bearings is well-known to be a common cause of bearing failure in most applications. Remove the concern by applying industry-leading automatic lubricators.

Grease Max metal automatic lubricators have no mechanical parts, batteries or circuit boards. They work purely on a chemical reaction, which means no failure of the lubricator.


Grease Max lubricators are designed to remove common automatic lubricator failures. Perfect for applications in remote areas and operating at high temperatures, you can either attach the lubricator directly or via a grease line up to 2 metres in length.

If you require an automatic lubricator with food-grade grease, or a grease of your specification, talk to us about automatic lubricators that are specifically designed for your needs.

We also offer solutions for applications that are not high-temperature or remotely located, and suited to a multi-line grease application system.



  • Provides continuous lubrication at a constant rate, for a set period
  • No maintenance or adjustment required to work
  • No electrics or mechanical items
  • Completely reliable
  • Self-regulating
  • Rate of discharge not affected by bearing condition, seal condition or grease-way resistance
  • Simple to change-over at the end of its operating period



  • Better mechanical reliability = less down-time, lower maintenance and production costs, higher production rates
  • Lower labour requirements = direct cost savings
  • Safe – German TÜV certification
  • Economical unit cost
  • Long-standing product support
  • Proven in-service performance


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