Monitor Equipment in Remote and Hazardous Locations


Monitor Equipment in Remote and Hazardous Locations

Experience the world’s most advanced, cost-effective wireless condition monitoring systems for remote, confined space and hazardous locations.

Receive asset insights and enable preventative and predictive maintenance (PdM) of rotating equipment that would otherwise be impossible, impractical, high-risk or high-cost.

Take advantage of adaptable products that are complimentary and compatible with existing systems and suited to almost any environment.

Latest Technology, Connectivity and Integration

Monitor assets in challenging environments with advanced sensor technology that outputs to a cloud-based platform and SCADA via MODBUS output.

  • Leverage integration into Asset Management or Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) systems such as SAP and Maximo (via API-REST).
  • Expand your condition-based maintenance SCADA systems by monitoring overall asset vibration and temperature readings, with 24/7 access to remote fault finding via our global network of ISO Cat 3 Vibration Analysts.
  • No need to customise your system to our solution – our solution is customised to your system.

No Limitations

With unlimited range delivered by our wireless sensor and gateway network, you can monitor remotely located assets with the same high resolution time waveform and spectrum analysis tools provided by in-field data collectors.

Our sensors have no limitations on monitoring equipment RPM, location or temperature, and they can even monitor submersed equipment and equipment located in explosive areas.

24/7 Service and Support

Global Reliability provides 24/7 access to helpdesk. We also provide on-site training, and support from a network of over 80 Reliability Engineers world-wide.

Enjoy peace of mind with scheduled vibration analysis reports, reporting on commissioning, and root cause failure analysis.

We deliver the most accurate, long-term predictive maintenance (PdM) capabilities in the world, even on slow rotating equipment >6RPM.

Rely on decades of experience in our Vibration Analysis and Reliability Engineering teams to remotely assess failure modes and fault frequencies.

Features and Benefits


  • Wireless sensors and online dashboard
  • Asset health data accessible in-field in front of the asset being investigated
  • WiFi extenders instead of mesh network, results in longer battery life and longer max signal range (>500m)
  • Asset health reporting, KPIs and scheduling
  • Magnetically attachable or screw in sensors
  • Universal data compatibility with API REST
  • 24/7 Alerts specific to each failure mode
  • Continuous data collection
  • Optional Vibration Analysis reports conducted by ISO Cat3 Vibration Analysts


  • Remote monitoring of equipment located in inaccessible, hazardous or confined spaces may reduce WHSE risks and inspection costs
  • Data from assets located anywhere in the world can be accessed online from a single location
  • Existing CM data history, in many cases, can be imported into our platform
  • Vibration data feed into existing BMS/SCADA/DCS systems via MODBUS
  • Flexible schedule of data collection enables sensors to be used for commissioning or ongoing equipment monitoring
  • Spectrum data collected at time of alarm allows for Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Intrinsic safety and adaptability of sensors and transmitters means that sensors can be used in almost any location for most applications




Infrared Thermography

Regardless of your condition monitoring tools used on site, all CM equipment data and reports can be imported into our cloud-based platform for Asset Management purposes. Using the spiderweb graph, you can quickly see important condition information for each asset on-site and include this in the included report generator.

“The Global conditioning monitoring solution enabled us to avoid a critical equipment failure that would have caused a total shutdown in our operations.”

David Millin, Project Supervisor – Bureau Veritas Australia


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