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Remote Condition Monitoring

Experience the world’s most advanced, cost-effective wireless condition monitoring systems for remote, confined space and hazardous locations.


Metal automatic lubricators with no mechanical parts, batteries or circuit boards. Designed to remove common automatic lubricator failures.

Local Condition Monitoring

Wired solutions provide cost-effective site-wide condition monitoring requirements of critical equipment. Monitor pressure, speed, vacuum, flow, level and temperature.


24/7 access to helpdesk. Rely on decades of experience in our Vibration Analysis and Reliability Engineering teams to remotely assess failure modes and fault frequencies.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Services

We deliver the most accurate, long-term predictive maintenance (PdM) capabilities in the world, even on slow rotating equipment >6RPM.

Professional Team

24/7 Support

Cost Effective

We provide 24/7 access to helpdesk. We also provide on-site training, and additional support from a network of over 80 Reliability Engineers world-wide. Enjoy peace of mind with scheduled vibration analysis reports, reporting on commissioning, and root cause failure analysis.


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