MetaLine is a sprayable, highly durable elastomer protective coating that lasts up to 110x longer than traditional rubber coatings. It provides superior erosion and corrosion resistance, and solves wear problems for industry equipment.

MetaLine surface coatings are ideal for protection of a range of metal equipment including steel, alloys, and aluminium parts, as well as the repair of existing rubber linings and parts.


The cartridge packaged polymer can be applied by spraying, injection or casting. It can be used directly on-site in almost any climatic conditions, is dry to touch within a few minutes, and parts can be operational within a day.

Non-toxic and safe to use, including drug and food safe.

MetaLine is unique due to its simple spray application process, extraordinary surface smoothness, and provision of improvement in flow dynamics, thereby reducing downtime and conserving resources.

MetaLine is the only cartridge spray-on elastomeric coating that is repairable.



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