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Ultrasound Technology


Bearing Failure Cause

The leading cause of bearing failures is poor greasing practices. Over or under lubrication is most often the key contributing factor towards bearing life, in less than 60% of bearings, lasting less than their engineered value.


There are some critical elements to achieving a quality practice that will increase bearing operating life and have significant improvements to your maintenance budget.

1. Choosing the right lubricant - the onboard assistant with SDT LUBExpert helps to select the correct grease and provides recommendations for bearing's maximum capacity.

2. Easy route mapping and tracking - LUBExpert provides a tree structure navigation and route mapping.

3. The correct frequency - LUBExpert alerts you as to when bearings are requiring lubrication, shifting your lubrication practice from scheduled maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

4. The right quantity - Using ultrasound technology ensures accurate lubrication quantity, so you won't have issues of over or under lubrication - the leading cause of bearing failure.

You also need to be able to easily identify site asset requirements. Using LUBExpert as your ultrasound grease application assistant, you can be confident in re-greasing bearings with the system guiding you smoothly through grease application, providing indicators of GOOD, BAD or SUSPECT.



  • Track grease types and consumption
  • Alerts and warnings to schedule lubrication requirements
  • Generate trend graphs using the in-built Four Condition Indicators
  • Log bearing temperatures 


  • Better mechanical reliability = less down-time, lower maintenance and production costs, higher production rates
  • Lower labour requirements = direct cost savings
  • Easy management of bearing lubrication practices
  • Reporting on site lubrication performance


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